''Spark the Light''


April 20, 2021


In the peak time of our creativity it’s not always possible to be able to find inspiration and motivation consistently. Especially in the times when we needed. For this reason we spend our majority of time to find our motivation to create. While we’re doing that we’re wondering how the people find their inspiration to make it.


For these moments Muse Chaser helps you to wake the inspiration fairies of yours. Thanks to the simple and understandable user interface design, you can easily set your goals and find the work’s behind the scenes. In that way you will be able to know the source of the work and start your work quickly.


PerlaVista AVM

New Normal, New Shopping


January 25, 2021


PerlaVista is an Italian-inspired Shopping Mall located in Istanbul Turkey. The mall contains more than 20 stores. All of the stores inside of the mall have the same theme of gothic architecture. The logo that they're currently using is having a hard time keeping up with the current theme of design trends. 

What I Did

I kept the PerlaVista model and made it look more linear instead of a portrait picture. The lines of the logo represent the current eye candy of the product.


Semaver Kumpanya

''The Theatre Beyond Halic''


January 20, 2023


For more than 8 years Semaver Kumpanya has been performing for almost every theatre in Turkey and they're still expanding their growth day by day. Alongside Işıl Kasapoğlu Semaver Kumpanya has changed the standard concept of performing and set a new movement for every viewer from different countries. I want to take a step and try my best to reflect their vision by creating a brand new brand concept for them.

What I Did

The main idea is, reflecting their action by using the lines. And I used navigation lines to reflect that they're traveling around the world to perform for the people.



''Consume Organic, Stay Organic''


January 05, 2021


In January 2021 we received an assignment that we need to create a custom shop and create brand new signages for it. And after some discussions, I finally decided to make a shop for organic products.

What I Did

I did focus mainly on the general colors of natural organic products. I put them in different categories and gave them a general color that represents the group of the product. In the final result of the logo, I did something with 3 colors.


Emir Gasket

''Durable Auto Gasket Solutions''


December 24, 2020


Established in 1986, Emir Gasket manufactures at high capacity using advanced technologies in the automotive gasket industry. By adding new gasket types to its wide range of brands and models day by day, it aims to meet the demands of the market with the highest quality and maximum customer satisfaction. It serves the whole world by manufacturing Multi-Layer Steel and Composite gaskets within its own structure.

What I Did

I made a responsive website for reflecting the solutions Emir Gasket provides.


Plaxy Store

''Fell the Music''


November 12, 2020


You can engrave the Spotify code of your favorite song on the acrylic music plaque so that you can scan the Spotify Code to listen to your favorite song anytime, anywhere.

You can also fill in the name of the song and the name of the artist. And It is the best decoration in your room during the day, and will gently accompany you to sleep at night.

It will be a perfect gift for your friends and lovers.

What I Did

I made a responsive website for reflecting the solutions Plaxy Store provides.


Work in Progress