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Welcome to my portfolio!  I specialize in creating visually striking and effective designs for a wide range of clients, with a particular focus on branding, user interface prototypes, and motion graphics. I also have experience creating content for social media platforms like Instagram. I'm always looking for new challenges and opportunities to grow as a designer. I hope you enjoy exploring my portfolio and learning more about my work.

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In the peak time of our creativity it’s not always possible to be able to find inspiration and motivation consistently. Especially in the times when we needed. For this reason we spend our majority of time to find our motivation to create. While we’re doing that we’re wondering how the people find their inspiration to make it.


For these moments Muse Chaser helps you to wake the inspiration fairies of yours. Thanks to the simple and understandable user interface design, you can easily set your goals and find the work’s behind the scenes. In that way you will be able to know the source of the work and start your work quickly.



PerlaVista is an Italian-inspired Shopping Mall located in Istanbul Turkey. The mall contains more than 20 stores. All of the stores inside of the mall have the same theme of gothic architecture. The logo that they're currently using is having a hard time keeping up with the current theme of design trends. 

What I did

I kept the PerlaVista model and made it look more linear instead of a portrait picture. The lines of the logo represent the current eye candy of the product.



The app, called "eyefinity," is a mobile application that allows users to explore and learn about historical artifacts and events from around the world. It features a vast database of information about a wide variety of historical pieces, including paintings, sculptures, artifacts, documents, and more.


Users can search for specific historical pieces or browse through the app's categories to discover something new. The app also includes interactive maps and multimedia content, such as videos and images, to help users learn more about the historical context of each piece.

In addition to providing information about historical pieces, the app also includes features such as quizzes and trivia to test users' knowledge and help them retain the information they

have learned.

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